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About Fitter

If you've got a question or two about the repair,maintenance or manufacture of metal products,ask A FITTER.It's their area of expertise.

There are more than 2000 fitters employed in Gresik area,East Java,and nearly all of them are male.Just over 70% work in Java area,20% in the other regions(Sumatra,Kalimantan,Sulawesi,Papua etc),and a small number in the remainder of the State's other (Dubai,Malaysia,India.etc).

Fitter must complete an apprenticeship in Engineering Tradesperson(Mechanical Fitting).


Has your mum's sewing machine needed to be repaired or have you wondered who builds the drilling equipment used to extract minerals from the ground?
Fitter are skilled tradespeople who repair and turn pieces of metal into the production machinery that is used in the mining,agriculture and manufacturing industries.
Described as the bacbone of the industries they work in,fitters are heavily involved in all metal based manufacturing.The manufacturing process generally begins with them,although fitters in Java generally play a more significant role in the service and repair of metal products.

The Nuts And Bolts

First of all,a fitter looks at drawings of the part that has to be machined (altered or mode).They mark out its shape and dimensions on to the metal,before cutting.The piece are then assembled and fitted together.Drills holes or tap treads are inserted to enable the parts to be joined together.They check that the parts are an exact fit and,if not,they file parts until they are correctly proportioned.Finally,parts are either bolted,screwed,clipped or welded together,checked for faults and any problems are then corrected.

Speciality Service Skills.

Fitter often become experts in undertaking repair and replacements for specialist equipment used in particular industry sectors.

A Fitter Career!

People interest in this occupation should have an interest in,and appreciation of,things mechanical.
For example,a diesel fitter needs to appreciate how engines are assembled and how they operate.It's also important for potential fitters to know about the different types of metals and the methods involved in fastening metal parts.

In this work environment,an eye for detail,good hand-eye coordination,and an awareness of safety rules and procedurs are desirable.Because fitters use potentially dangerous equipment,they need to wear protective clothing and equipment such as safety glasses.

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